We enhance the brand
development and visualise
your organisation.


A true storytelling brand agency

We at A TRUE IDENTITY have a background in NGO's where values are everything. This is reflected in the way we work and how we interact with our clients.

Our mission is to visualise true values and make sustainability the most profitable choice.


It is not possible to build a fake identity in the new ultra-tranparent searchable society. Therefore we never try to construct a flattering, but false identity. We think the truth is beautiful and the most powerful to communicate in the long run. We help your organisation to find it’s own truth. Your development is on top on our agenda!

  • True values
  • Development
  • Substainable

Building a brand has a lot in common with building a machinery. Everything communicates, many small components work tight together to materialize an organisation's vision. We are obsessed with details and never leave any loose ends. We enhance the processes to create everything from smart strategies and great design to well executed web solutions and breathtaking storytelling. 




We are multidisciplinary

A TRUE IDENTITY is the brand agency that works with your organisation's true identity within processes all the way from strategies to implementation.

We create great design, smart strategies and inspiring stories with a digital mindset. For us values are everything. We think that truth and transparency are the most powerful tools for building a sustainable brand.

What we offer

A TRUE IDENTITY offers a wide range of services for your organisation's branding and communication operations.



Who we work with

Our clients inspire and encourage us to dig deeper to reach the core of their brands. A TRUE IDENTITY work with clients from all around the world.


What we have done

Projects where we have been working with brand development and storytelling.