Morgan has taking care of the STF (Swedish Tourist Association) arctic shelter Syter outside Hemhavan i Sweden for 25 years.

Per Sailing Home

Per Sailing Home

I was following Per Eriksson during one of the legs of his trip across Baltic sea during 2013. During three day in September we sailed from Åbo to Mariehamn in Åland, the last day it was storm and the wind reached 19 m/s.

Enabling People talking about ICF

Enabling People talking about ICF.

Enabling People - Frode Wendelboe

Frode Wendelboe at Främja is talking about how it's to work with Rita Ehrenfors.

Enabling People - Rita Ehrenfors

Enabling People - Rita Ehrenfors

Rita Ehrenfors is talking about a client case.

Chefs Dinner

Chefs from all around the world are entering Restaurant Vollmers kitchen to maka a special menu, they call it Chefs Dinner.